what we do


We provide technology enablement services to small business owners looking to streamline their operations and gain a competitive advantage. We work with the latest in cloud-based strive to help our clients simplify their business processes, minimise time spent on menial tasks, allowing more time for businesses to focus on growth.

Cloud integration:

As our core service offering, we take our cloud integration services seriously. Specialising in Inventory Management and Job/Project Management solutions, we take pride in knowing our subject matter and being able to guide our clients to the outcome that fits their needs best. Our process involves research and scoping stages before we undertake any implementation project. This ensures that our recommended solution has been tailored as much as possible to requirements and meets our clients’ outcomes.

  • Research and advisory
  • System scoping
  • System implementation
  • User training
  • Ongoing support

Systems consulting:

As experienced cloud integrators, we know that no system, accounting program, or integration is ‘set and forget’. Not only do integrations need cautious setup, they need ongoing monitoring to ensure that small businesses achieve their desired outcomes. Having been involved in helping over 100 businesses move to the cloud and integrate apps to their accounting software, we are continually reviewing our clients’ needs to ensure that their solutions continue to fulfill their requirements.

  • Systems review and assessment
  • App integration review and repair
  • Configuring integrations between applications

Improving your accounting function:

Most small businesses started with the owner as the marketing, sales, operations and finance manager. As small businesses grow, their internal finance function can often grow on an ad-hoc basis, with little thought given to doing things differently. We’ve seen it all and can work with you to identify inefficiencies and outline opportunities to streamline your process.

  • Internal efficiency review
  • Process assessment
  • Business process mapping


We are passionate about helping small businesses to add value by systemising their operations using the latest in cloud-based technology. We draw on over 15 years accounting and technology experience helping small businesses achieve their goals. We work through a defined process which has been tested and refined to deliver the best outcome for our clients.


This is the start of the process and will usually be a brief meeting or phone call. Our aim is to gain a working knowledge of your business, understand your objectives and your challenges, and to discuss how we operate so that we can determine whether we are the right fit to help you going forward.


This stage is usually our first engagement, and is designed for us to pilot a solution ahead of implementation. We meet to gather information about your business and we refine your objectives and what you want to achieve. Then, we design a solution for you with the functionality that you need to improve your business. Next, we evaluate the concept, and we provide our findings and recommendations for the next steps.


The implementation is the crux of any project. This is the time where all our planning and scoping comes to fruition through a smooth and efficient implementation that meets your objectives. We also provide training on your chosen solution so that you are up and running quickly with minimal downtime.


Post-implementation, we will support you with your new solution for a period of up to one month. After this point, we may choose to move to a retainer arrangement for ongoing support and other post-implementation services over a short period or longer term.